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Single Day Booking Form

You absolute beacon of excellence, you! 

You're about to sign up to exhibit at one of our amazing single-day Wedding Shows!

You're absolutely doing the right thing, our Wedding Shows are second-to-none! And it's not just high footfall we're known for, but for eager, ready-to-book couples that can't wait to meet you.

Complete the form below to exhibit with us, and let us brighten your wedding business!

Where Would You Like To Exhibit

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About Your Business

  • We only publish your town in the show guide. All other address details are confidential.
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Optional Extras

  • Our mini-magazine Show Guides are given to every couple that attends the show, and because they’re chock full of helpful info, they hang onto them! Add longevity to your marketing by taking out an advert in the Show Guide.
    Adverts must be supplied as per the specification on your invoice. If you need to use our design service, an extra charge will be made to cover this.
  • Want to gain a little extra brand awareness on the day? You can opt to place a roller banner in a high-traffic area of the show (typically corridors and entrance areas).
    Banners must be supplied by the Exhibitor, and given to a member of Team Wedding Scene no later than 1hr before doors opens.


Our Terms & Conditions


    In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions shall have the following meanings: ‘the Exhibitor’ shall mean any person, firm or company who has ordered display space and has been allocated display space at the Exhibition. ‘The Organiser’ shall mean The Wedding Scene Limited. ‘The Exhibition’ shall mean any and all, Wedding Shows, Exhibitions or Fairs, organised by The Wedding Scene Limited that have a duration of 1 day where they are open to the public, and the Venue shall mean any of the locations in which the Exhibition takes place.

    Information given by the Organisers about the Exhibition is accurate to the best of their knowledge but does not constitute any warranty or representation by the Organisers, and therefore any mistake or omission, does not entitle the Exhibitor to cancel its space booking.

    Set up may commence on the morning of the exhibition, detailed information pertaining to setup will be emailed to exhibitors of the event in the week leading up thereto. 

    At the Organiser’s discretion, Exhibitors may be permitted to set-up the day before the Exhibition. Such arrangements must be pre-approved and the arrival for, and duration of, setup, must be strictly adhered to.

    All exhibitors should arrive no later than 1 hour before opening (10:00am) and have their stand set up and ready 15 minute prior to the event opening. Break down may not commence until 3:15pm. 

    Once unloaded, vehicles must be moved to the designated exhibitor car parking area, to allow convenient parking and access for our visiting couples and ensure that outside exhibitors can set up in a timely manner.

    Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others. 

    No Exhibitor shall obstruct or allow to be obstructed by his goods or in any other manner gangways and open spaces. 

    If in the opinion of the Organiser, the Exhibitor’s booth or display extends his allocated area, the Organiser may, at his sole discretion, charge the Exhibitor for the extra display space occupied at the prevailing rate. Should any dispute arise as to the display space allocation, or as to the extent of any extra display space deemed by the Organiser to be occupied by the Exhibitor beyond that allocated, the decision of the Organiser shall be final. The Organiser reserves the right to relocate the Exhibitor if, in its absolute discretion, it thinks such reallocation is necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition.

    If you have requested electricity at your stand, you will be provided a socket, installed by a qualified person. Electricity is chargeable at the following venues; Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, Bournemouth International Centre.

    Any electrical items brought in by exhibitors must be P.A.T tested for electrical safety. You must ensure any leads/cables do not present a trip hazard and are covered with a suitable non-slip mat, cable tape or ramp as required. If equipment is not P.A.T. tested we will not allow you to plug it in on the day.  

    Outside space is available to those offering transportation services, street food style catering, marquees and bell tents, luxury toilet hire – businesses that exclusively operate outside. All other businesses must make application to exhibit indoors.

    If exhibiting outside you must set up within the allocated space as per the floorplan, if you are in doubt, you must speak with the marshal upon arrival who will then indicate your pitch position.

    Outdoor exhibitors of wedding transport may bring up to 2 vehicles unless by prior agreement. If outdoor exhibitors also require an indoor space both charges apply. No tables, chairs or electricity provisions are made for outside stands. You are welcome to bring your own furniture and generator but this will not be supplied, access to internal electricity cannot be guaranteed but may be available at the Organiser's discretion. If available, you must bring your own, PAT tested extension lead and safety cables/warning tapes as required. The Organiser shall not be held responsible, nor liable for any accidents or injuries caused by the Exhibitor's equipment.

    Performance stands are available to performing musicians, magicians, caricaturists, children’s entertainers only. Furthermore, to be eligible, the performer must be demonstrating their act throughout the Exhibition. DJs are excluded from this category.

    Musicians and other creative performance artists qualify for the outside pitch price if they have been invited to play/perform during the fair. 

    You must hold valid Public Liability insurance for your business, to the value of £1,000,000 (one million pounds) as a minimum in respect of any one incident. The Exhibitor shall be responsible, either by insurance or otherwise, to protect against loss or damage to their exhibits, display material or fixtures whilst at the exhibition venue, arising from any cause whatsoever. 

    Stands must be manned throughout the day. 

    All litter must be taken with you at the end of the day or placed in the appropriate bins provided.

    The Organiser its agents or employees shall not be liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or property from any cause whatsoever during the Exhibition or whilst based at the Organisers’ premises.

    You may only market services stated on the booking form, you may not display marketing material of any kind for any other service, nor business, that has not been agreed by the Organiser. The issue of your invoice is deemed acceptance of the stated service(s) by the Organiser. 

    Canvassing for orders, except by the Exhibitor on his own stand in the normal course of his business is strictly prohibited, and in any such case the right of expulsion will at once be exercised. The distribution or display of printed or other placards, handbills or circulars or other articles except by the Exhibitor on his own display space is prohibited unless by prior agreement by the Organiser.

    Canvassing of any description by an unauthorised person is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion.

    Leafleting of the Fashion Show seating is only permitted by the Show Organisers, Show sponsors and Fashion Show participants. 

    Exhibitors may only give out their leaflets from the confines of their site.

    The following are excluded from the Exhibition: explosives, detonating or fulminating compounds, and all dangerous or harmful substances, including primings, matches and similar objects can only be exhibited in the form of imitations, and on the condition that they contain no inflammable matter. Only goods described at time of application may be displayed on stand, and any goods not approved by the Organisers must be removed from the building. LPG Gas is not permitted on the premises. Open flames are not permitted and any candles displayed must be unused, unlit candles to ensure compliance to this rule. LED candles may be used without restriction.

    We cannot guarantee that you will be the only provider of your service category at the show but we are keen to promote diversity so aim to keep a good distinction between styles and products whenever possible. The total number of Exhibitors per any one category, shall be capped at a maximum of 10% of the total number of Exhibitors.

    Stands, unless otherwise specified are not subject to a pre-approved floorplan and as such, stands will be allocated by the Organiser to promote an equal and fair distribution of suppliers throughout the show based on the services offered by each company. For this reason, we are unable to amend the exhibitor layout plan once released.

    Bookings are not assignable to any third party.

    Exhibitors may only consider themselves as having reserved their space upon return of the Booking Form and cleared funds having been received by the Organiser as a non-refundable deposit, paid in accordance with their invoice terms. The deposit (30% of the booking fee), is non-refundable.

    The exhibition fee and completed booking form must be received 8 WEEKS BEFORE THE SHOW DATE at the latest, failure to do so may result in your stand being released and made available to exhibitors on the waiting list.

    You will be invoiced for the remaining balance (less your deposit payment), two weeks prior to the invoice becoming due. You must have made payment by the invoice due date or we will look to fill your stand with our waiting list and a refund of your deposit will not be made, nor transferred to another date. The invoice must be settled 6 weeks before the show date to ensure you retain your stand.

    Any cancellations must be received in writing (email is acceptable). Refunds (less 50% admin fee) may be considered if the space is rebooked and the event is more than 6 months in advance, cancellations with less than 6 months’ notice will not be eligible for a refund. Should you for any reason decide to sell your business or cease trading, your booking may be transferred to the new owner in the event of a sale but no refund will be issued. 
    In the event of the Wedding Show being cancelled unexpectedly (i.e. due to inclement weather, venue damage or any other unforeseen circumstance), you will be offered an alternative, future date. If the Wedding Show cannot be rearranged in good time, your booking will transfer to the next season’s Wedding Show. If you refuse both the rearranged date and the next season’s Wedding Show date, you will not be offered a further date and no refund will be issued. 

    In the event of the event being cancelled due to Covid-19 government guidance or legislation, the event will be rescheduled to a new date, at least 3 months ahead of the previous date. In this instance, your booking will be transferred to the new date automatically. If you unable to accept this date, you may ask to exhibit at one of our other shows if the date is more favourable, however this will be dependent on category availability and the stand being of equal value. You may take a stand of a greater value than originally booked but the fee difference must be paid at least 6 weeks prior to the show date. 

    If the Exhibition is proceeding with Covid Safe measures in place, the Exhibitor must;
    -              Wear a mask/face covering at all times whilst indoors.
    -              Be aware that goodie bags will not be available.
    -              Wear a mask/face covering at all times whilst exhibiting, even if outdoors.
    -              Not distribute leaflets and marketing materials from their stand. We recommend visitors take a photo of a leaflet, or scan a QR code to direct them to your website or social media.
    -              Respect social distancing requirements (maintain an absolute minimum distance of 2 metre from any persons on site).
    -              Equip their stand with antibacterial gel wash, for their own personal use.
    -              Wherever possible, ask any person(s) with whom you are in discussion, to stand to the side of your stand to reduce density within the public walkway.
    -              If you are offering samples, i.e. cake, you must either provide these in a container in which they may be taken away, or, you must be responsible for ensuring the sampler(s) do not remove their face covering for any longer than the duration of the cake being placed in the mouth. This may only be done within the confines of the space of your stand. You must offer the sample on a disposable plate or napkin which must be discarded in the bin provided to you to ensure no hand contact is made with any other surface or sample. You must use antibacterial gel before issuing the sample, and immediately after.

    Leaflets and brochures for inclusion in the goodie bags (where available) are free of charge for companies that have booked a stand at the respective event but in order to be included, must be received by The Wedding Scene two weeks prior to the chosen show date(s).

    Materials cannot be added to the goodie bags by the Organiser, or their staff, on the day of the Exhibition. If the Exhibitor wishes to add materials to the goodie bags, they must do so themselves and take great care to do so in such a way as to maintain the aesthetic of the bag. Exhibitors found to not be taking sufficient care, or found to be causing obstruction to the Organiser or their staff, will be asked to cease adding materials and return to their stand.

    Leafleting of the Fashion Show, Wedding Information Station Area and Wedding Inspiration Area seating and associated tables, is only permitted by the Show Organisers, Show sponsors relevant to that specific area, and Fashion Show/ Wedding Information Station/Wedding Inspiration Area participants. 

    Exhibitors may only give out their leaflets from the confines of their site.

    If it appears to the Organiser that the Exhibitor may be engaged in activities which are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Exhibition or which appear unethical or to be in breach of the law, the Organiser may, without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due herein, cancel any display space allocation which may have been made to the Exhibitor and require him forthwith to vacate the display space allocated to him and refuse the Exhibitor the right to participate further in the Exhibition.

    Infringement of any of the Terms & Conditions as detailed herein, will subject the Exhibitor to the forfeiture of his space and to the removal of himself, his employees and his goods from the Buildings, without liability attaching to the Organisers in any way whatsoever in consequence of such removal, nor shall such removal release the Exhibitor from any payment for which he may still be liable. The question as to whether any such terms have been infringed, and whether the Exhibitor’s space has been forfeited, and whether he, his employees and his goods shall be removed is to be determined according to the sole discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to interpret, amend and enforce these Terms and Conditions as it deems proper to assure the success of the Exhibition.

Your Signature


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the booking process?

To book your place at one of our single day shows, regardless of the stand price, we take a £50 deposit.

We will send a Booking Confirmation to you once we have accepted your booking, within that Confirmation, along with your business details to check and make sure we have right, will be the deposit value for your selected show, and a card payment gateway (we use Stripe) so that you can pay it conveniently.

If you don't pay the deposit, we can't hold a stand for you so it's really important that you do this as soon as you're able.

Once we've received your deposit, we raise a full invoice, allocate your deposit to it and the due date will be 6 weeks before the show.


Besides exhibiting, how else can I get involved?

Our wedding shows are action-packed, so if you're exhibiting with us, there are always more ways to get involved and get some extra exposure for your business. Have you thought about contributing to;

  • The Wedding Decor Inspiration Area
  • The Fashion Show
  • The Wedding Information Station
  • Venue Decoration

Get in touch to discuss!

What are your stand sizes?

We like to make sure everyone has adequate space around them, and can best display their wares so we go bigger than your average bear and offer;

  • 2 x 1.5m - 2 metre frontage, with a 1.5m depth
  • 3 x 1.5m - 3 metre frontage, with a 1.5m depth
  • 3 x 2m - 3 metre frontage, with a 2m depth

Bespoke - we can always go bigger! Unless we're a bit close to the wire and spaces are super limited, we can usually bolt stands together to create something that works for you, let's have a chat about what you need

Do I have to pay extra for electricity?

Generally, no, we just ask that you let us know on your booking form if you do need it. 

The exception to this rule, are shows held at Bournemouth International Centre, and our two day shows as these venues charge us electricity in addition to hiring the venue.

We will craft the floorplan based on everyone's requirements so if there's something you need, please let us know in good time and we'll make sure you're in the right spot for your needs.

Do you accept leaflets for goody bags from non-exhibitors?

No, I'm afraid we don't. 

We personally feel that such practices undermine the efforts of the exhibitors attending and so we don't permit non-exhibitors to add any materials to goody bags.

We do however, accept magazines for our visiting couples to enjoy.

What’s included in the stand fee?

Where to start! OK, you get;

  • Your stand space - the edges of which are defined to make life super easy
  • A trestle table (if required)
  • Somewhere to park your bottom (unless you LOVE standing for hours on end)
  • Electric - if you need it (chargeable at BIC & all two-day shows)
  • Inclusion in the Goody Bag
  • We will include up to 75 leaflets or other marketing literature/items in the goody bags as standard
  • Your Business Details in the Show Guide
  •  Pre-Show Promotion
  •  After-Show Promotion
  •  Networking
  • Best Stand Competition
  • Front Cover Star Competition

and lots more besides, but check out our Media Pack to see all the perks that come from working with us

So how do I get a discount?

We all love to feel rewarded with a little discount - so how does 10% sound? 

If you book 3 or more shows of the same category at once (booked by paying all deposits at once), you automatically receive a 10% discount on those shows.

When we invoice you for the final balance, you'll see that the discount has been applied to the total stand fee.

Categories are Single Day Shows and The Ultimate Wedding Show. A discount will not be given for 2 single day shows, and 1 booking at The Ultimate Wedding Show.

Can I supply magazines for your shows?

Yes, please!

We LOVE printed media and welcome it whole-heartedly for our couples.

If you wish to provide this, you are welcome to either visit and meet us - we ask that you arrive by 9:30 so that we can receive you and distribute the magazines effectively.

Or, you can pop them in the post to us at The Wedding Scene Limited, 30 Salisbury Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7AR.

We provide 75 goody bags per show (200 for The Ultimate Wedding Show), and ask that magazines are to this number as a minimum. 

If you wish to send more, we will gladly present them in the welcome, inspiration and chill out areas of the show for the guests to enjoy and take home with them.

Do I need to use a table?

Absolutely not. Your stand is your space to market your business in the way you feel best. 

Creating a visually interesting stand is key to building your bookings as it entices people to you. Then you can wow them with your sales pitch!

If you'd like more hints to getting the most from your space, have a look at our 'How To Get The Most From Exhibiting' Guide