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Get To Know Us


Hey there, curious! 

I'm guessing you're here because you'd like to know more about working with us in one capacity or another. So firstly, you obviously have excellent instincts, and secondly, bravo for being a savvy business person and doing your homework before signing up to anything. 

Of course, you're going to see a fairly static webpage here so we cordially invite you to check out our social media for all the latest goings on, reviews and interactions so you can get a good feel for who we are and how we do things.

Charlotte Courage Pike - The Wedding Scene Limited Company Director


“We” are a single director company, said Director is Charlotte, and I'm formerly an award-winning wedding stationer based on the Dorset/Somerset border. 

After a good few years doing the wedding fair rounds,  I noticed a lot of things that could, and should, be done differently so I started organising my little heart out in 2017 and grown the business from there. Our wedding shows are now the biggest in the areas they serve. 

I love getting creative and staying hands-on in the wedding industry, which is why you'll often find me organising styled shoots and networking evenings. 

Charlotte - Director

Charlotte is the Director of The Wedding Scene Limited. 
She lives in North Dorset with her husband, and their young daughter.

Charlotte has always been passionate about cheerleading and championing small businesses, a love that developed long before wedding world caught her eye. Now, she gets to combine her love of organising, supporting small businesses (and just generally bigging people up), and being creative. 

When she's not doing all things wedding industry related, she enjoys golf, musicals, and kayaking. 

Lee - Finance

You'll meet Lee at our Wedding Industry Networking Events, and our Shows, but you'll probably only speak to her on the phone if we need to chat money.

Lee has a background in finance, having worked at J.P. Morgan for many years but with her vibrant personality, she's a natural at making everyone feel welcome at our events.
Lee lives in South Somerset, with her husband, and their collie.

Lee enjoys keeping fit with walking and P.T., charity fundraising, and the odd glass of something bubbly with friends. 

Boho Luxe Styled Shoot Tablescape


Wedding Shows - primarily, we organise wedding shows (or fairs, if you prefer), we call them shows because ‘fair’ sounds too quaint for what we offer. Our shows are big, busy, and blinkin' brilliant.

Assured Suppliers - we also run a unique, vetted wedding supplier directory - Assured Suppliers. This isn't a recommended supplier service, this is a new industry standard. We hold a unique directory of wedding professionals that have been vetted using our stringent (non-financial) quality checks. This a recommendation worth having.

W.I.N.E. (Wedding Industry Networking Events) - the fun things! We love having a get-together, usually with some nibbles and music or a BBQ. We love getting to know you, and giving you an opportunity to meet others in the industry without the pressure of trying to get set up for a fair.

Styled Shoots - we LOVE getting back to our creative roots and so organise numerous styled shoots through the year. In the past, we've featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine, Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding Magazine, English Wedding Blog, Want That Wedding, Vintage Life Magazine, Magpie Wedding - you get the idea.

Blog - writing has always been a passion of mine, and if you hadn't noticed, we're rather partial to a wedding so this is a great mix for us! We're always looking for styled shoots to feature, tips and advice articles for our couples to read, and any other wisdom or beauty you might wish to share.

Happy bride fashion show


People do sometimes ask if I'm a bit mad, organising so many large-scale wedding exhibitions but the truth of it all, is that I love small businesses. I love weddings. I love marketing. I love organising. I love hosting. Can you think of anything more suitable as a career? I mean honestly, answers on a postcard! 

This is absolutely a labour of love, and when you work with us, you'll see that for yourself.

Wedding Show meeting couples


As a former wedding professional, I've been in your shoes (Manolos, right?). I know what it's like trying to find the best marketing platforms for your business, whilst trying to do everything else simultaneously. Often, you decide to exhibit at a wedding fair to find you're next to a competitor, or it's hugely oversaturated, or you meet all of about 6 couples after paying a huge sum of money. 

Our wedding shows, in fact, everything we do, is focused on our wedding professionals. We love the couples that join us at our events, and use our directory, but ultimately we really hope they only need us once and go on to have life-long happy marriages. 

Our wedding family, our suppliers and venues, are the ones that come back, time after time, to work with us. Our job is to help your customers find, and book you. We work for you.

We always go the extra mile to make sure the couples that visit us are happy and engaged. We help empower them with the lingo, and inspire them with the décor inspiration areas and fashion shows. What that means for you, is that you get to meet hundreds of enthusiastic, eager-to-book couples.

We even help advise on how to maximise your bookings!