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Apply for Membership of the Association of Assured Wedding Professionals

AAWP - Association of Assured Wedding Professionals

Picture this: showing off your trustworthiness, dedication, and know-how easily so couples know they can rely on you. Yep, that's what being an AAWP member lets you do.

Accreditation by our unbiased and independent body means couples planning their weddings can distinguish between suppliers that can be verified and certified and those that they may be taking a gamble on.

Sadly, the wedding industry isn’t without its horror stories of disappearing businesses and poor work. And those stories create anxiety and fear in couples who can’t afford to put their hard-earned wedding budget in the wrong place.

You may have industry accreditation and awards, but having one that verifies you as a wedding professional is sure to boost your credibility with couples. As with other industries, an independent source that takes the time to carry out checks and ensure standards are upheld means the public feels more reassured.

Becoming a member means; 

Assuring potential customers of your expertise and standards

Access to a platform to gather reviews and feedback

Making it easier for couples to find you

Vetted wedding supplier directory uk

Your AAWP membership includes; 

- A fully SEO-optimised listing on The Ultimate Wedding Directory
- A distinctive profile to show your exclusive status as a certified member
- Special mentions on our social profiles
- A digital badge to demonstrate your accreditation
- Regular marketing advice and tips to help you grow your business
- First refusal for our in-person wedding shows (and discounts if you opt for our top tier)

How is AAWP different from The Ultimate Wedding Directory?

The Ultimate Wedding Directory is open for any wedding business to add their details to. While tiered, profiles will not differentiate between these at first glance. An AAWP member, however, will be immediately obvious. The distinction will come to be recognised as a marker of reliability and trust.

What is important to note is that not all wedding suppliers who apply will become AAWP members. The criteria is exacting, and we uphold this without exception. 

Your listing will appear with The Ultimate Wedding Directory, but you’ll carry the exclusive AAWP member badge, which can be used on your marketing collateral to demonstrate your accreditation. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your brand’s reputation, enhance your industry credibility and enjoy the perks of being elite, apply to join the AAWP today!


AAWP Membership Tiers

A simple application process: 

 1. Create a free Business Account
 2. Select your preferred AAWP tier 
 3. Complete your application, including industry references
 4. Sit back and wait while we assess your application (approx 1 week)
 5. Once approved, your listing will be live for all to see

Once live, you'll see that your profile is now easy to identify, with a distinctive AAWP border and banner highlighting your profile. And of course, AAWP Members have priority positioning at the top of the results page.

AAWP Membership Tiers