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What's all this, now?

Welcome to a new Industry Standard, my friend - a way to show your passion, professionalism, and reputability, all in one little badge

We don’t have a recommended supplier list – of course, we’ll happily recommend someone if we’re asked directly but we think there’s a better way for the masses to find the best wedding suppliers. 

Our exclusive Directory is comprised solely of wedding professionals who have demonstrated their excellence by passing our screening process. 

Wedding Directory Application

Why the wedding industry needs this

As an industry, on the whole, we're fairly unregulated, it tends to be the way it goes when a number of professions come together under any one heading. 

The vast majority of the professionals that comprise ‘the wedding industry’ are incredible human beings, going above and beyond to help their couples have the day of their dreams but sadly, we've all seen stories, or had clients, who have come to us after being scammed by what seemed to be a legit company. 

Being an Assured Supplier gives couples the extra peace of mind that you, and your work, have been carefully considered and that you have proved that you are reputable, reliable and passionate about your craft.

What's the criteria? 

We vet everyone that applies to become Assured, looking at reviews, checking insurance, getting references – all so that couples have 
complete peace of mind when booking an Assured Supplier, 
and that is why it’s a new industry standard, and also why you definitely want this badge in your collection – it has true worth attached to it.

We don't undertake any financial checks - it's frankly none of our business. We trust that if you're doing a great job with running your business, then it's yielding a return.

Apply to be an Assured Supplier

How Do I Apply?

Of course you want to be Assured, it's a given, but this isn't your average wedding directory, you can't just buy your listing. 

So let's show you how to get the ball rolling on becoming one of our illustrious Assured Suppliers;

  1. Create a FREE account - make sure to register as a business!
  2. Go to ‘Your Account
  3. Click ‘Assured Supplier Application
  4. Complete all the details - this will be your live profile too
  5. Once submitted, you'll see that the progress bar has moved along (we'll be evaluating the application at this point)
  6. If approved to be Assured, we will issue your invoice
  7. Kindly make payment of that invoice, and we'll click your profile to ‘live’
  8. We'll send your badge of honour, get promoting you and you just reap the rewards

If you have any questions, just get in touch

Why You Should Be Assured

It's tough knowing where to allocate that precious marketing budget, we've been there! 

This current website (yep, the one you're on right now), took a professional developer 10 months to build, it has a team of SEO specialists working their digital magic to get as many eyes as possible on it, 
and a Director who loves waffling on in blogs which are super for web traffic. 

Your Assured profile, is a mini-website in itself, but with questions tailored to help your search engine optimisation.

Unlike most directories, our support doesn't stop at our website, we actively promote your business on your behalf.

We do regular shout outs on social media, to our ever-growing audience

We include our Assured Suppliers on the monthly subscriber newsletter - which is sent to lots of lovely engaged couples in the areas you serve

Assured Suppliers feature on our home page too

We have a website PACKED with tools to help create engagement with couples, including shortlisting their preferred Assured Suppliers

Vetted wedding supplier directory

The Highlights

  • A slick, SEO friendly profile
  • A profile you can update yourself, at any time
  • Regular social media shout outs
  • Included in our monthly newsletters to couples
  • Appear on the home page
  • Demonstrate your reputability with an industry standard
  • No limits on counties/areas served
  • Totally transparent, real humans at the helm

Each business listing is just £125 + VAT for the whole year.

That's just £2.40 per week, for year round marketing! Do you know how much we spend a year on marketing? It's one of those numbers you have to say quickly, I'll tell you that. Well every penny we spend, brings more people to our website, and more eyes on your business - not bad, huh? 

Reputable wedding supplier directory