10 Tips for Beautifully Budgeted Wedding Flowers

Get ready for a whole lot of blooming (see what I did there) beautiful florals, and useful tips on getting the most for your money.

Yep - that set up is a pricey one! It looks beautiful and if you have the resources, or can justify a big chunk of your budget being assigned to wedding flowers that is amazing and I'd truly love to see photos of your big day but if not, there are loads of ways to stay on-budget, on-trend and on-swoon.

1. Seasonal Blooms

Be mindful of the time of year, yes it's super romantic to get married on/around Valentine's Day but wow, flowers get super expensive! Another key date to remember is Mother's Day, not only because your mum needs a fab gift but because again, flowers get super pricey around that time. Sticking with flowers that are in season makes a huge difference in cost too. Whilst many are available year-round, it's best to work with nature and utilise flowers that are in season, often British-grown, in-season flowers are the most cost effective option but here are some lists of flowers by season to help you on your way - just click on each image to enlarge;

2. Accentuate

Right, design 101 here - layers. Your centrepieces don't have to be big displays to look high-end. The best way to achieve a luxurious feel is to use different materials, or layering. Using your centrepiece with a table runner, non-floral decor such as a mixture of candlesticks and tealights to add visual interest is a surefire way to make things look luxe. The flowers are still the stars of the show, but this way, they have some support to elevate them. This look is always beautiful with low-level arrangements, and on the plus side, your guests can see one-another and haven't got to do the awkward 'to the side of the centrepiece' chat.

3. Size DOES Matter

Hey, I've been saying this for years but in flower land, it really is true. Don't automatically rule out the more expensive flowers such as peonies or hydrangeas, whilst they might be more pricey, they're bigger, therefore taking up more room in the bouquet! Flowers with sizeable heads make for great focal points, and you can utilise foliage and less expensive flowers to infill while still keeping a touch of luxury. It is your wedding day after all, if you want a few special flowers in your bouquet then go for it if funds allow.

4. Damn Girl, Work Those Flowers

Flowers aren't fixed things, re-purpose those beautiful blooms elsewhere!

  • Use your bouquet at the front of your signing table for photos - your photographer will help you place it perfectly in shot

  • Likewise, your bouquet or the bridesmaid bouquet, can help beautify your cake table at the reception. Heck, if you have multiple bridesmaids, that's the cake table, guest book table and even flowers on the evening buffet table - those are some hard working bouquets!

  • If you've had pedestal arrangements created for the ceremony, they can go behind the top table to add a really luxurious feel

5. Be Realistic

Yep, you need a budget. And yep, you need to stick to it. I won't tell you exactly what that budget should be because we all have different priorities when it comes to our big days, if you've always dreamed of a flower fest on your wedding day then you go for it, likewise, if you're not a flower kind of girl/guy then you probably aren't likely to assign 15% of your budget to flowers. I can tell you that the 'general' rule of thumb is 5 - 10% of your total budget on all things floral but who's to say what general is? You do you, just don't get sidetracked and go overboard.

6. Be Flexible

So, you don't like carnations, huh? Just an example, but keep in mind that, not all flower species are created equal. There's a huge array of species of almost every type of flower you can think of - it's your florist's job to know them too so big thanks to those encyclopedic brains of theirs!

Also, there are a heck of a lot of flowers that look like other flowers but have really different price points so don't rule anything out before you've spoken to the flower-guru that is your florist.

All of the above are types of carnation

Yep - all roses!

7. Keep It Simple

Another way to keep the costs down, is to use fewer varieties of flower as it means that your florist can buy better and save money, passing those savings onto you.

Another thing to remember is that of all of your flowers, the bridal bouquet is the one that's going to be photographed the most so logically, if you want your wedding photos to have lots of floral loveliness, that's the item to which you're going to want to add your more luxurious flowers.

8. Think Ahead

Here's a quick list of what you might need, the more organised you can be, the less likely you'll be charged

  • Bridal bouquet

  • Bridesmaid's bouquet(s)

  • Buttonholes for the groom, groomsmen, ring bearer & dads

  • Tip 1 - Buttonholes are also known as boutonnieres, in case you see that on a quote

  • Tip 2 - a gents buttonhole goes on the right lapel, a ladies version (corsage) is pinned on the left of the chest, or worn tied around the wrist

  • Tip 3 - Traditionally, only the groom, best man and ring bearer wear buttonholes but it is more usual to include ushers and fathers (biological or otherwise)

  • Tip 4 - Sounds obvious but I've seen all sorts - flowers face the sky, not the floor

  • Corsages for the mums - check out the tips above

  • Flowers for your hair - if you're having them

  • Petals or flowers for your flower girl(s) to throw - again, if you're having this

  • Gift bouquets - thank you bouquets are traditionally given to the mums, both bride and groom during the speeches

9. Be Green

Instead of having a floral arch created by your florist, have you considered hiring living greenery? Depending on the time of year, many of these living lovelies will bloom so there you have it, you've got flowers too! Also, incorporating foliage into your bouquets and arrangements can really make a rustic or boho wedding become something utterly beautiful. Foliage such as silver dollar eucalyptus and parvafolia are often favourites and make great garland florals for your tables too. Be careful when picking your greenery though, depending on the foliage type, it can become as pricey as flowers.

10. And Always Let Your Florist Be Your Guide

Bonus points for anyone that sang that in their head, if not, you need to watch more Disney.

You've selected your florist for a reason, you've likely spoken to several of them before making your decision so please, let them guide you. They have years of expertise, flower knowledge and design skills that most of us can only dream of, so let them help you in the design process.

Happy wedding planning!

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